What if Your Home Floods?

Nobody is truly prepared for disaster to strike, but when it does, the most important thing is to have the right people there to help. DryDocs is available 24/7 for emergency or disaster response. Flood cleanup and mold remediation are our specialties.

DryDocs is your emergency response team! Time is absolutely critical to you and us. We will arrive at your location as soon as possible, day, night, snow, rain, or shine. We understand how important it is to get to work immediately.

DryDocs provides an emergency response service to help reduce or prevent secondary damages. Water damage left untreated can cause issues such as wood rot, mold and microbial growth, pathogenic contamination, and indoor air pollution. Our goal is to mitigate/minimize further damage and extract with the least invasive approach available.

When disaster does strike, call the experts at DryDocs anytime. We are here 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! We will be there to help! Faster to disaster means faster to dry!

What Should You Do?

For you as a homeowner, the most important tool is knowledge. Know what to do first. Be safe, and be smart. When a flood happens in your home, you need to know what steps to follow, and how to handle it.

Above all, be safe! Water in your home can create dangerous situations! Here are just a few potential safety hazards:

  • Water in a flooded basement or room can interact with your electrical systems and create very serious conditions.
  • Water in your house can become grossly contaminated or pathogenic depending on what it comes in contact with. Plugged sewers that backup into your house or groundwater flooding into your basement is considered Category 3 water. This is sometimes referred to as “Black Water”. It can cause serious illness and disease that could result in death..
  • Cut or puncture wounds in a flood water situation is a concern. Also, the ability to see a hazardous object under water is greatly compromised.
  • Water in ceilings or walls can add significant weight to the structure. Flooding in ceilings and walls can cause collapse.

Dealing with the Source of Water

Now that you have identified safety concerns, it is important to identify where water is coming from. Correcting the leak or stopping the intrusion of water is important. If flooding or leaks come back, you can have serious problems in the future.

Fast response time is critical to prevent secondary damages. This is why DryDocs provides an emergency response service and is available 24/7. Water damage doesn’t wait until a more convenient time. We start flood cleanup as soon as possible.

The first step when your house floods is to determine where the water is coming from. This can be difficult. Call DryDocs to help you figure out whose help you need.

  • Call a plumber if it is a leaking pipe, sink, toilet, or drain. They can also help if your water heater is leaking, or your washing machine flooded your house.
  • A leaking roof or a skylight can allow water into your ceiling and walls. A contractor or a roofing company may be able to help you stop the leak in this situation.
  • Flooded basements can also be caused by a crack in the wall or foundation. A broken basement window can allow groundwater to enter the building.
  • If you are renting, call your property management company or maintenance team. Let them know what happened.
  • No matter how you got water in your house, the experts at DryDocs can help you.

Limit traffic through the affected areas

  • Foot traffic could bring further contamination and spread moisture and contaminants to other areas.
  • After you identify safety concerns, you may want to remove any valuable or precious keepsakes from the affected area if possible. These may include electronics, furniture, pets, and your kids’ favorite toys.